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Suspension Systems

Your vehicle’s suspension system is designed to provide you with a smooth and safe ride. This complex system keeps your car’s wheels in firm contact with the road, absorbs bumps and keeps your steering accurate. If you notice handling problems such as pulling or a bumpy ride then it is time to get it checked out by an ASE certified technician at Affordable Car Care.

If you notice any of the following suspension system symptoms bring your vehicle in for an inspection right away.

  • Car pulls to one side.
  • Wheels seem to wiggle back and forth and roll in an uneven fashion.
  • Car heavily bounces or dips while driving or when going over a bump.
  • If you feel your steering wheel slipping slightly back and forth while turning.
  • Steering wheel becomes hard to turn.

Our shop is equipped to handle conventional suspension systems and strut based systems (front wheel drive), and unlike many other shops we are also equipped to handle any alignment problems your car might have. Whether you need a quick inspection or a new alignment our technicians can help you diagnose and repair your problem fast and at an affordable cost.


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